Previous Winners of the Klaus Dyckerhoff Prize


27 September 2016: Professor Dr.-Ing. Siegbert Sprung honoured for his life’s work

On the occasion of the VDZ Annual Cement Conference 2016 in Duesseldorf, Germany, the fifth Klaus Dyckerhoff Prize has been awarded to Professor Dr.-Ing. Siegbert Sprung for his exceptional achievements with respect to the development of cement and its production and application in mortar and concrete. Siegbert Sprung spent his entire professional career at VDZ and the Research Institute of the Cement Industry in Duesseldorf. From 1998 to 2000 he was Spokesman of the Executive Management of VDZ and Director of the Research Institute. The jury emphasised that Siegbert Sprung‘s remarkable research work covers all important areas of the production and application of cement. This includes not only the problems of environmental protection but also specific problems concerning the durability of concrete.

The benefactor, Dr. Edith Dyckerhoff with the awardee, Professor Dr.-Ing. Siegbert Sprung.
Source: VDZ/Wilfried Meyer

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26 September 2013: Duncan Herfort honoured for his outstanding work

On the occasion of the 7th International VDZ Congress in Duesseldorf, Germany, the Klaus Dyckerhoff Prize was awarded to Duncan Herfort for his outstanding work in the field of cement production. Duncan Herfort, Chief Scientist at Cementir Holding S.p.A. Aalborg Portland, was particularly honored for his major achievements in the field of cement chemistry. The jury underlined the various renowned scientific publications he has written about the interactions of cement constituents and their effects on cement hydration.

The benefactors, Drs Edith and Klaus Dyckerhoff with the awardee,
Duncan Herfort (right). Source: VDZ/Wilfried Meyer

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27 September 2011: Dipl.-Ing. Karl von Wedel receives Klaus-Dyckerhoff-Prize for Building Materials Research

In the context of the VDZ Congress „Technisch-Wissenschaftliche Zementtagung“ Dipl.-Ing. Karl von Wedel was honoured for his life’s work. Within the scope of the laudation the innovation power of von Wedel’s contributions in the field of the development of clinker coolers in the cement industry wordwide was emphasized. Karl von Wedel’s improvements have significantly contributed to increasing the energy efficiency of the clinker production procress, and hence, to perfectly linking environmental performance with economical benefits.

The benefactors, Drs Edith and Klaus Dyckerhoff with the awardee, Dipl.-Ing. Karl von Wedel (left)

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1 October 2009: Klaus Dyckerhoff Prize for Building Material Research awarded for the second time:
Honouring Prof. Henri Van Damme for his life's work.

Prof. Henri Van Damme

v.l.n.r. Prof. H. van Damme, Dr. E. Dyckerhoff, Dr. W. Dienemann, Dr. S. Buzzi

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24 April 2007: Prof. Karen Scrivener has been awarded the Dyckerhoff Prize.

The benefactors, Drs Edith and Klaus Dyckerhoff with the awardee, Prof. Karen Scrivener

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