Target Group

The Dres. Edith und Klaus Dyckerhoff-Stiftung has been erected in 1994 by Edith and Klaus Dyckerhoff. The foundation funds scientific projects – especially in the area of construction and hydraulic binders – and fosters the social and urban development of Amoeneburg, a district of Wiesbaden, Germany.

The prize will be given upon the recommendation of third parties or on application to individuals but also working groups in

  • European universities or
  • European research institutes.

The prize honours persons or groups who have recently published a distinguished scientific paper which

    • fundamentally broadens the knowledge on hydraulic binders,
    • clears the way for new applications of hydraulic binders, or
    • significantly improves manufacturing processes of hydraulic binders.

    The paper must have been published in an internationally recognised scientific journal, preferably peer-reviewed. Abstracts of conference talks are not admissible.

    The prize criteria include the paperīs originality, innovative power and methodological rigour, as well as its expected impact on cement-based constructions, no matter which academic qualifications the authors/candidates have.